Music We Love

Mother at the Bottom of the Sea

mother at the bottom of the sea 

mother of god
where have you gone
sea faring barnacled corpse
black fizzing madonna
let me glide beside you once more
along the shimmering sea floor
let me chew through the charred grizzle
of what remains there
where i tossed you in
that january

mother of god
i hardly knew ye
but to be an unfaithful friend
obsidian heart
bubbling with the rage
they pumped into you
when you were four

don't punish me for your rape!

mother of god
you are the cold hand that holds me
the exquisite ghost that haunts me
the shotgun that blasted me
from a punctured chrysalis
whilst i dangled there 

by your venomous cord
tangled in the 
blubbery sinews 

of your amorphous abortions

mother of god
you of all people
should know of my plight
of innocence bludgeoned in the night
O! if i could swim down to meet you
at the bottom of the sea
like a fish 

i'd drink you in

supernal milk 

of heavenly breast
a decade dry

tell me why