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No Funeral for a Fire

no funeral for a fire.

there was no funeral for you
we had you cremated
and that was that
they kept you on ice
for nine long days
i went mad in my little white room
thinking about you
wondering how you looked
frozen stiff

i didn’t smear makeup
in your hollow grooves
no sapphire powder
a frame for vacant eyes
no hot pink rouge
dusted along sunken cheeks
no more of that

i didn’t dress you
in your thrift store gown
or spray your hair stiff
we didn’t decorate
a box with you
or prop you up
with yellow roses

there was no one there
to fill the seats
of your bon voyage
you did more damage
than one fire should
in a single life

there was only diana and i
and you in your teflon box
that held my rueful reflection
among other tragic things
both of us, at once
contained there in my hands
right before you converged
with the wind
and the sea

did death welcome you, my dear
did it make you feel at home
did it cradle you in eternity
vast fields in which to roam

Copyright, Paula M. Stinson, 2009
Badlands Literary Journal, 1st Edition, 2010

*It is likely that there will be one or more important emotional endings or losses in store for you at this time. Although it may prove painful, do not resist the completions you may be facing. The time has come for certain relationships to end, and if you look deep inside yourself you may discover that there are important reasons for the endingthat it will be good for you and the other person. The Nine of Hearts often means disappointment, but that is only the case when we refuse to let go of what is surely passing away. Let go and let the universe take care of you. Endings are prequels to new beginnings just around the corner. As you let go of certain people, you will be magically transformed to a higher level of awareness and led to a new beginning in your personal relationships whereby you attract people that are much better for you in this new place that you've arrived. This card also brings the potential for much success in the area of counseling and of realizing spiritual goals. Any work that gives love to othersespecially large groups of peopleis slated for success. You are a giver.

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