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THE MIXTAPE : An Urban Love Story (A play with music in two acts)


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Despite delightful appearances, many of us are batshit crazy. And we find ourselves in this precarious predicament due in part to the fact that we harbor unconscious anger toward our parents (dead or alive) for all the times they betrayed us as children. Perhaps, continue to. For a few unfortunate others, however, that (repressed) anger has surreptitiously morphed into RAGE : an insidiously-destructive force metastasizing just beneath the surface of their lives. Infecting everything from their mental and physical health to their interpersonal relationships. 

Inappropriate, intense anger?
But what if we could channel an inexhaustible well of inner guidance for help managing the emotions that are spoiling our happiness on every level? Would it be worth the effort? And could we quiet our minds long enough to hear the sound instruction of the "little voice within"? Some refer to this master healer as our Divine Self and believe it to be a deep and ever-present source of renewal; the place within each of us from which the subtle voice of God can be heard. But will we shut the fuck up and listen? That is the question.
replied Frank

For Mary-Elizabeth O'Flaherty Wills "Polly" Bond, a troubled woman forced to return to her childhood home, that rage has become her reason to pull a Sylvia Plath. Sane but overwhelmed, she seeks the guidance of a dapper young therapist whose experimental therapeutic technique - which employs music as a means of expressing the ineffable - helps re-direct the anger that's been eating her. 


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